Garden Design Immersion Program | Spring 2023

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Priority Waitlist

Sign-up for priority enrollment in the Spring 2023 Session of the Placemakers Academy Immersion Program. That means you will have access to a 10 day early-bird sign up period exclusively for the waitlist. You will receive an email notification when your priority enrollment time begins, and a link to secure your spot.

How Does the Immersion Program Work?

Each week, for eleven weeks, we will cover a stop on the road map to designing and implementing the garden of your dreams! Every Thursday at noon, we will meet over Zoom for an exclusive Garden Talk Salon. We will reinforce the essence of that week’s module with real life examples, visualizations, tips & tricks of the pros, as well as a live Q&A session to get all of your burning questions answered in real time.

We will share our progress with each other each week, getting feedback on our designs as we go. To celebrate our garden victories, we enjoy a live graduation party in Cashiers, North Carolina!

Why the Small Class Size?

We cap the eleven-week instructor-guided course at 30 students to ensure you get concierge level support from instructors Mary Palmer Dargan and Arielle McIntyre. With the small group, you can enjoy the support of passionate peers to share in your garden design journey during the course and beyond!

We have seen fast friendships form between guided course members, as they create a growing community of Placemakers Academy alumni near and far.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity to bring your grandest garden dreams to fruition! We can’t wait to take you on this journey to the garden of your dreams.

Core Membership Benefits:

  • Lifetime membership in the Placemakers Academy 
  • Full access to the Placemakers Academy course materials for life
  • Invitation to the ‘Placemakers Garden Design Forum’ group on facebook
  • The ability to purchase and schedule one-on-one Zoom consultations with instructor Mary Palmer Dargan
  • Eligibility for Placemakers Academy Design Certification
  • Access to monthly live Placemakers Academy Alumni Lecture and Q&A series on Zoom

Eleven Week Guided Course Premium Offerings:

  • All core membership benefits
  • Small group, 30 students, for concierge level support
  • Access to the weekly live lecture and Q&A series on Zoom with instructors Mary Palmer Dargan and Arielle McIntyre
  • Share your design journey with a small group of passionate peers 
  • Signed copy of “Lifelong Landscape Design” by Mary Palmer
  • Live graduation party in Asheville, North Carolina

Eleven Week Guided Course | $695

*$250 discount for current Placemakers Academy members*

Can’t wait to start?

If you are interested in the Guided Immersion Program, but want to start your journey today, we’ve got you covered. If you enroll in the Placemakers Academy today, you will receive $250 off the Immersion Program. You can start taking in and applying all of this wonderful knowledge, and then hone it later with the small group. If you’re excited about starting now, we want to support you, and honor your ambition!


The waitlist is open for priority enrollment for the Spring Session of the Placemakers Academy Garden Design Immersion Program.

*30 Student Cap*

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